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Neva Ducker received a special award for never missing a summer reading program from kindergarten through her 6th grade year.  The 2015 summer reading program was the last year she will be able to attend.  She may be interested in being a volunteer next year.  Thanks Neva for your loyalty to our program!


The Grant County Library held their summer reading program June 1, 3, 8 and 10.  The theme this year was “Every Hero has a Story”.  We met a few of our hometown hero/community helpers and also became super heroes for a day.

Children from ages 2 to 12 years old attended with a total of 22 attending overall.  Each day the children made a craft, had a story read to them and enjoyed a special snack and prizes to go along with the theme.  On Monday, June 1, Sheriff Shawn Hebbert came to visit and talked to us about safety.  Wednesday, June 3, fireman Jeremy Holthus and EMT Kayla Wintz showed us around the fire trucks and the ambulances.  Monday, June 8, we became super heroes making our own super hero masks, cuffs and finger puppets sidekicks.  Sue Pearman, from the extension office, also came on this day.  We decorated a pillowcase that will hold a “Quilt of Valor”.  This quilt is being made by the area 4-H groups with the help of the Legion Auxiliary.  It will be presented to an injured soldier at one of the USA medical facilities across the nation or overseas.  The last day was June 10.  We played a couple water games outside in the rain and then enjoyed a picnic provided by the library board.

Also on our last day, the children were presented with several awards.  Throughout the program the children record how many minutes they read and those amounts are tallied.  In three age divisions the children who read the most win a new book.  The winners this year were Neva Ducker in the 10 and up age division, Gary Brennemann in the 6 to 9 age division and Dillon Hebbert in the 5 and under age division.  The combined total of all attendees for a two week period was 2,760 minutes.  That is 46 hours of reading!  Receiving perfect attendance for coming all four days were Jhet Holthus, Audrabell Werth, Rylee  Bacon, Neva Ducker, Hunter Cover, Kimberly Kleist, Lila Brennemann and Gary Brennemann.

Children’s librarian, Jennifer Holthus, was excited about the number of attendees this year.  It was an honor to help with the “Quilt of Valor” as if fit right in with our theme.  We had three helpers this year:  Valerie Gould, Peg Finegan and Sheryl Ferguson.  They helped with crafts and read books to the children.

The goal of the library is to cultivate the joy of reading in children and see them carry that interest on into their teenage and adult lives.

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