Hours and library/reading area use:

  1. The library will plan to be open at least twenty-four hours a week. These hours are as follows: Monday and Friday, 8:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. and 1:00 – 5:00 P.M. Wednesday’s schedule varies to allow for evening hours.
  2. The library will be closed on all legal holidays as prescribed by law and observed by all Grant County employees.
  3. If the Librarian or Library Aide cannot open the Library, the Library will be closed. Notice of said closing will be posted on the door.
  4. Pets of any kind, even though they may be restrained, will not be allowed in the library.
  5. The public access computer center may be used any time during regular library hours or as scheduled. Food and drink will not be allowed in this area at any time. Anyone damaging the equipment and furniture placed in this area will be responsible for paying repairs or the replacement costs of the damaged item or items.

Borrowing Privileges:

  1.  The Library will provide basic service to all residents of Grant County and surrounding areas at no charge, though if deemed necessary, a fee may be charged to those living outside of Grant County.
  2. All Patrons must complete registration information in person before they will be allowed to borrow materials from the Library and receive a library patron card. Children must be 12 years or older and have parental or guardian consent before they will be allowed to register and receive a library patron card or borrow materials. First library patron card issued free. A $5.00 replacement card is available. The information provided on the card is confidential and may be used for library purposes only.  (Reference: Nebraska State Statute 84-712.05, Section 11)
  3. Individuals that are physically handicapped or homebound may request home delivery and pick-up of library materials.
  4. Services will not be denied any patron because of sex, age, religious, racial, social, economic or political status. However, service may be denied for due cause, for example, failure to return materials, refusal to pay fines or destruction of Library property.
  5. A fine of five cents per day will be assessed for all over-due materials.
  6. A fee of $4.00 will be charged for each Interlibray Loan request whether books or magazine articles are requested. In the case that copies of materials are made, photocopy charges will also be assessed in addition to the $4.00 Interlibrary Loan fee. If books that are borrowed through ILL are not returned on time, $1.00 per day per item will be charged whether the Library is open or not. Postage fees in accordance with current rates.
  7. Reference material and microfilm will not be loaned through the ILL program.
  8. Local schools may use the Grant County Library to supplement their own collections. The teachers will be responsible for selecting and returning all materials. Teachers are encouraged to bring their students in whenever possible for a library visit, however, it is recommended that they call prior to their visit.

Use of equipment and computers:

  1. PROJECTORS/SCREEN: The library does have available for patron usage a 16mm projector, overhead projector, a slide projector, a digital projector and a screen. Whoever borrows the equipment is responsible for any damages incurred while in their possession. They will be required to pay for any necessary repairs. An Equipment Use Form is required before check-out. Arrangements can be made with the Librarian at the librarian’s discretion. The digital projector may not leave the premises.
  2. COMPUTERS: The public access computers will be available for use during all regular library hours, unless the Librarian deems it necessary to turn them off because of possibility of damage to the equipment. Only those programs and CDs already installed by the Librarian may be used.  Patrons will not be allowed to bring in their own programs, CDs or games to use on the Library’s public access computers. Use of the equipment may be denied a patron if the equipment is being used in an abusive or destructive manner. If equipment is damaged by an individual, they will be responsible for repair charges or replacement costs. Also, an hourly charge to reinstall a program or otherwise work on a computer will be assessed anyone who causes damage by irresponsible use or tampering with programs or computer set-up. Also, see Internet Use Policy.
  3. MICROFILM READER PRINTER: The microfilm reader printer will be available for use during all regular library hours. Use of the equipment may be denied a patron if the equipment is being used in an abusive or destructive manner. If equipment is damaged by an individual, they will be responsible for repair charges or replacement costs. Material can be printed at a rate of twenty cents per page over five pages. First five pages printed free. There will be a charge of $20.00 for a maximum of three hours time spent on research by library staff, this includes microfilm, cemetery records, etc. The research may then be passed on to an outside researcher if the requesting party agrees. The computer connected to the microfilm reader/printer will be used for genealogy purposes only.
  4. Photocopies will be made at a rate of twenty cents per page over five pages. The first five pages are free.

Circulation Policies:

  1.  Books, cassettes and magazines may be checked out for a period of two weeks, with a one week grace period and renewal privileges.
  2. Bulk loans are also available to individuals and families. These loans are available for a period of one month. However, if an item in the bulk loan is needed by another patron, that item will need to be returned before the due date. Also new materials are not available for bulk loan until they have been in the collection for one year.
  3. Any patron may request a book to be reserved for them. Notification will be given when the reserved book is available. If a patron does not pick up the book within three library days after notification, the book will be placed back in circulation or given to the next person on the reserve list.
  4. Designated reference materials may only be used in house. These items are not to be removed from the library premises.
  5. Patrons will be held responsible for any library materials that are lost or damaged beyond reasonable wear while it is in their possession. If materials are lost or needs to be replaced because of damage, the patron will be assessed the full replacement cost of the item. If the item is repairable, a fee for repair costs will be charged.
  6. Materials in the library will be available to all patrons without discrimination, however, separate areas for adult and juvenile materials will be maintained.
  7. The circulation records of the library are confidential. This information will only be released if so ordered by the Court, with a court order.

Reconsideration Of Materials:

  1.  The Grant County Library has accepted and endorses those principles set forth in the Library Bill of Rights of the American Library Association.  The Library subscribes to the following basic policies of the previously mentioned Library Bill of Rights.
  2. “Books and other library resources should be provided for the interest, information and enlightenment of all people of the community the library serves. Materials should not be excluded because of origin, background, or views of those contributing to their creation.”
  3. “Libraries should provide materials and information presenting all points of view on current and historical issues. Materials should not be proscribed or removed because of partisan and doctrinal disapproval.”  (Nebraska Intellectual Freedom Handbook – 1991.)

Reconsideration of Materials:

  1.  An individual objecting to materials will be provided with the Library policies dealing with selection of materials.  Any person objecting to specific materials, will be asked to complete a Request for Reconsideration of Materials form. If objections are raised about more than one item, a separate reconsideration form will need to be filled out for each item.  The completed and signed forms and materials will be reviewed by the Library Board and the Librarian. After reviewing the request, a written response will be sent to the person requesting the reconsideration of materials within seven working days. If an individual has further questions after receiving a written response from the board, that individual may request a meeting with the board at the Boards’ regularly stated meeting.


  1.  Library staff will be available to help individuals locate materials in the library. However, the staff will not do the research work for an individual and will not be able to spend an excessive amount of time helping one person.
  2. Simple reference questions will be answered over the phone, however, if the librarian is busy helping individuals in the library, it may be necessary that the question be answered later and then a return call made with the answer.
  3. Microfilm may be searched for those looking for genealogy information as time allows and charged at the current library rates as stated in the use of equipment policy. Information, if it can be retrieved quickly from local written histories, will be printed at current library rates as stated in the use of equipment policy.
  4. If the library does not have the specific or sufficient information for a patron, an attempt will be made to secure additional materials through Interlibrary Loan. The library will follow the Interlibrary Loan Code of Nebraska in requesting the materials.


  1.  Special programs will be offered dependent on the library’s resources and availability of personnel or volunteers to present them.
  2. Programming will be considered and developed when the subject matter will encourage library use, attract a new audience to the library and increase awareness of the library’s resources and services.


  1.  Bulletin boards will be used for library displays only. Individuals will not be allowed to post any items in the library or on the walls relating to meetings, items for sale, etc.


  1.  To achieve the goal of good library service, the Grant County Library Board of Trustees accepts the responsibility to promote a public library building facility which will adequately meet the physical requirements of a modern, aggressive library/technology center.  This facility will offer to the community a compelling invitation to enter, read, look, listen, and learn all facets of an expanding program of library services.
  2. The library staff, and the Grant County Library Board of Trustees will endeavor to plan a facility to meet recognized standards and the needs of the community.
  3. Grant County Library does not have a meeting room.  However, the Grant County Courthouse has a meeting room adjacent to the library that is available to the public at no charge.  Scheduling for use of this meeting room can be done by contacting the Grant County Clerk.


  1. Public relations goals of the library are:                                                                                                              a.  To assist governing officials, civic leaders, and the general public to understand the library’s objectives and services.                                                                                                                                           b.  To increase active participation in the varied services offered by the library to people of all ages, genders, races, religions, and ethnic origins.
  2. The Grant County Library Board of Trustees recognizes that public relations involve every person who has any connection with the library.  The Grant County Library Board of Trustees urges its own members and every staff member to realize that he or she represents the library in every public contact.  Good service supports good public relations.
  3. The Library Director and professional staff are encouraged to present programs and to participate in community activities.  Staff members will be allowed a reasonable amount of library time for preparation and speaking.  Materials to be used by press, radio, television, or social media will be approved by the Library Director.

Approved and Adopted by Grant County Library Board of Trustees, September 16, 2015

105 E Harrison St.
PO Box 328
Hyannis, NE 69350
308-458-2485 (fax)